Helen Healy, HHO Events have been successfully managing Festivals, Events and Projects for over twelve years and small businesses for close to 20 years.

This experience provides a platform for a Business Consultancy to share, educate, entertain and inspire others in their work across many disciplines.


Helen has developed an interactive workshop that focuses on the Eight things you need to do to present a successful event on time, on budget and on fire! The workshop is tailored for beginners through to experts who may need a reminder why they got into the business. It is fun, informative and includes a planning and implementation system and optional event management plans and ongoing support as part of the package.

A publication based on the workshop is currently in production.

But lets allow a client to tell you what they think about the Workshop...

"Helen Healy is a gifted facilitator who developed and delivered an engaging and valuable Events Management workshop for our Communications and Media She brings a breadth of hard-won experience in successful event planning, an honest insight into what can go wrong and why, and the best ways to keep open and effective dialogue in a fast-paced environment. What stands out about Helen is that she is so passionate, knowledgeable and methodical, and that she was able to adapt her expertise to meet our team’s needs. Her open approach reinforces learning while providing our staff with strategies to use when leading and working with their teams. The workshop was fun, balanced and most importantly has given us some additional tools to implement while planning a major national events program."
Ruth Gilbert, Communications and Media, Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS), Canberra

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  • Management Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Business Advisor
  • Capacity Building
  • Event Management workshops
  • Event Management plans
  • Artistic programming
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Project Planning and Feasibility
  • Content Development
  • Public Speaking
  • Mentoring
  • Team Building
  • Business Coaching
  • Soundtracks and Jingles
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