Helen Healy and her company, HHO Events, have won major tourism and business awards and enjoy managing a wide range of challenging and diverse projects throughout Australia. With years of successful experience, an excellent reputation and comprehensive networks, HHO Events enjoy a high profile in festival direction, project and event management, artistic direction, consultation services, marketing and public relations. HHO Events value relationships and working together with clients to turn visions, dreams and goals into successful realities.

Our Commitment is to do the right thing and do good business that is measured not only by financial gain, but by adherence to good principles, good value and good fun!

In January 2014, HHO Events introduced a new focus providing a Business Consulting service that draws on the skills and experience gathered over 20 years of owning successful small businesses.For more information check out www.helenhealy.com

With a highly respected reputation, national profile and comprehensive contacts, Helen offers a consultancy and management service where clients stand to benefit from the knowledge, networks, intellectual property, integrity and work ethic brought to the table. 

Helen provides services gleaned from owning successful small business (Dingo Advertising and HHO Events) and can assist with consultancies and short term projects across many areas including business coaching; mentoring; public speaking; MC roles; programming festivals and events; research; content development; editing; relationship management; team building; time management; media and marketing; jingles; soundtracks; events feasibility or trouble shooting; interim management roles; reports and acquittals; funding and sponsorship and all the other skills that come from years of successful small businesses. 

Helen has developed an workshop module 'Event Management for Hotties' (not because you are ridiculously good looking but because you are on fire with ideas, passion and the will to do whatever it takes to make it great), focusing on the 'Eight Critical Areas of Event Management' along with templates to ensure events, whether it's grandpa's 80th birthday through to major festivals and events, are organized and delivered successfully on time and on budget.

To book a workshop or Helen to speak - info@hhoevents.com or contact us here

Featured Project

  • Kungakarangkulpa: Seven Sisters Songline was produced by HHO Events for the Centenary of Canberra and presented at the National Museum of Australia in March 2013 under the artistic direction of Wesley Enoch.

  • Selling Yarns 3: Weaving the Nation's Story came under the Centenary of Canberra's Indigenous Program produced by HHO Events and was a gathering of Indigenous artists from across Australia.

  • Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show is one of the fastest growing, funkiest wine shows in Australia, providing an alternative to the mainstream shows and a dedicated forum for emerging varieties. Held every year the week of the Melbourne Cup.

Centenary of Canberra Celebrating First Australians Indigenous Program

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